Partnership policy


  • A partnership can only be prosperous if there is a clear win-win-win, i.e. the customer also sees a clear benefit in the partnership.
  • A partnership must be based on mutual dependency, i.e. be shared values on both sides, constant honest communications and a commitment to ongoing value improvement.
  • A partner has to bring a complementary piece to the puzzle to extend and enhance the CCG service portfolio offered anywhere in the world.


The partners that you can see below fulfill all these criteria.


Our job is to get results!

We know that our results depend on the quality of our partnerships!


Transforming Organizational Performance with Simulations

Over the past 5 years Dashboard SimulationsĀ® have been using Dilemma-Based Design to create a world class portfolio of comprehensive, realistic business simulation games which can be rapidly tailored for any organizational branding, business rules, operational data, language, terminology and context.


In combination with CCG online collaboration solutions we will supercharge delegate learning and behavior change. These simulation games will blend team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce personal, significant and measurable improvements in delegate performance back in their workplaces.

New dimension for dialogues on the future of cities

4Dialog provides tools for understanding and communicating the challenges ahead by visualizing and simulating different scenarios. Our technology goes way beyond traditional 3D visualization. We create 4D worlds with full multi-user avatar immersion using sound, light, movement and in-world dialogs from CCG as powerful ways of understanding anything from the use of a new building, a different transportation mode, added solar power on roofs and any other real world change that can be simulated in a 4D world.


In combination with CCG we take dialogues to a new dimension. It's a game changer where we take the dialogue to the people instead of taking the people to the dialogue.

Proposed idea to a pedestrian street in Sundbyberg

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