Workshop Wizard


Workshop Wizard is a service to turn any meeting into a productive and effective workshop, unlike anything you have experienced before.


It makes no difference if you are a big group or a small team - as faciliators we design and lead workshops where brainstorms leads to analysis, to discussions, to evaluations and votes in a structured flow.


We use modern technology and common practice and sense.

Workshops Wizard


Big Meetings have a tendency to become one-way streets, where information washes over the crowd in abundance and to make it an interactive event often takes a lot of time with meager results. We know exactly how to transform the Big Meeting or the Kick-Off and give it true content and a concrete result, where every participant is active and involved in the direct result of the day and proud of the outcome.


The challenge with smaller team workshops is to break the patterns, to enhance the experience and to maximize the input of each individual. Hard to do on your own, easy to do with an experienced workshop wizard at your side to help facilitate the workshop. We have decades of experience in designing and leading workshops that makes a difference. Tell us of your objectives and hopes and we will deliver a very clever collaboration solution indeed.


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