Anna Adolfsson


Anna turns scattered words and sprawling ideas into working plans and meaningful content. She can organize, create and manage procedures and processes more efficient than anyone. By using clever tools and methods she secures that businesses and projects stay focused on their objectives. Anna has a background as general manager, investigator of internal crimes, and as risk controller in large organisations were she has developed risk management strategies, worked with crisis management and managed mitigations focused on reducing staff-related loss and other crimes. Today she specialises on municipal growth and business development.


Anna is a contributing partner of CCG.

Bert-Ola Bergstrand


Bert-Ola is an international expert in social capital and entrepreneurship. Over the last decade he has developed social capital based methods, tools and models for creating and measuring social impact and social values. He has a long track record of great examples on how organisations can join in a new governance with the civic society, the private sector and public governance to build a resilient society. He has a background as doctoral student at Gothenburg University with deeper studies on how different sectors of society can work together to generate a force for development.


Bert-Ola is a contributing partner of CCG.

Dorte Serop


Dorte has more than 10 years working experience as risk manager. She has developed, implemented and operated risk management systems in international companies, collaborating on all levels of the organisation. She uses the modern collaboration tools for brain storms and risk assessments, involving the relevant people worldwide in a speedy and fruitful way.


Dorte is a contributing partner of CCG.

Fred Kudrén


Fred has extensive experience and knowledge in information security, crisis and business continuity management from work in public and private sector, especially in international banking and industrial areas.


Fred is a certified member of the Business Continuity Institute, is certified in ITIL V.3 (Foundation) and he has a long track record from high profiled projects.


Fred is a contributing partner of CCG.

Kevin Loasby


Kevin has since 2004 been a business continuity consultant serving clients in a wide range of sectors. Engagements in a variety of ICT contract and consulting assignments followed his decision to establish his own business in 1988 on successful delivery of dynamic manufacturing and distribution systems for Nissan Manufacturing New Zealand in the role of Senior Manager -Supply and Systems

He uses collaborative techniques during engagements to ensure client ownership and retention of requisite knowledge, delivered solutions and supporting systems.


Kevin is a contributing partner of CCG.

Paulo Manuel Coimbra Nunes de Abreu


Paul Nunesdea, a senior leader with a Ph.D. in Management, Masters in Information Management, a degree in Organizational Psychology, and fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Paul operates from our offices in Madrid and Zürich. Paul has a track record of managing several international projects with high complexity and multi-culture challanges. Paul has over the years held several CEO positions and has deep understanding for business development and staff engagement processes.


Paul is a contributing partner of CCG.

Pierre Wettergren


Pierre has been a business continuity and risk management consultant since he left the role as Global Head of Business Continuity Management at AstraZeneca. As field expert he has facilitated the developments of ISO standards since 2007.


He's run collaborative change and development processes on global basis and his collaborative solutions accelerate clients capabilities and secure that businesses stay competitive also in a strongly volatile business environment.


Pierre is a contributing partner of CCG.

Srdjan Vucic


Srdjan is a business development entreprenur with an interest for collaborative governance, risk and compliance services. As collaboration expert his way of working unlocks the power of people allowing organisations to leverage the available human capital. He also applies these collaborative solutions in his role as head coach of the floorball club FBC Gromovi and volontary support to other ahtletic and sport clubs. Srdjan operates from, and manages our office in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina.


Srdjan is a contributing partner of CCG.

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